[Tips] How I managed to secure and purchase Xiaomi phone on 1st try

Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi has made a name for itself by selling iPhone-like gear since 2011,and it has made itself as the No. 1 smart phone brand in China.

Just recently it made available in Malaysia the best bang for bucks smartphone model, the RedMi Note, fans and supporters bought all of the 5000 units in just 57 seconds.


[Updated 30 July 2014]

Called FedEx call center and was told that even though the unit now resides in FedEx office near QueensBayMall, it will take up to a week, you heard it, 1 week, to deliver the unit to my door.

Rather, just zoom by around 2 pm today to collect the unit …

Introducing …. XiaoMi RedMi Note(s) ….

5000 units sold out in just 57 seconds

[Updated] 29 July 2014

All 5000 units sold in just 37 seconds !!!

In order to have a better chance to click the elusive BUY button on mi.com/my/, should consider using american or chinese proxy servers to help speed up the process.

37 seconds on 29 July 2014

I am lucky enough to secure a unit on my first attempt to purchase from Mi.com


Redmi Note Purchase

How did i do that?


1. Register an account on mi.com

2. I chose to login using mobile phone number. During the account creation process, mi.com will send you a verification sms and assign a verification code to you.

  1. Login and verify that your account is accurate, as it will be your Mi id to access to Mi store and Mi cloud service.

Next create a text file to contain a few vital information:

  • Full name
  • Delivery address
  • Contact no
  • Valid credit card number, validity date and security number
  • Email Address

  1. Proceed to Paypal to create a personal account in order to pair that with your Malaysian banked issued credit card. This will be preferred as Mi.com uses paypal’s service to process payment.

  1. Finally, logon to Mi.com before 12pm, Tuesday, 29 July 2014, open multiple tab on your favorite web browser and

Good Luck !


[Updated] 27 July 2014

And hooray, the phones are now located at FedEx Penang International Airport Hub



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