17-18 Aug:-Culture Japan Con

Culture Japan Con 2013 Penang

The first ever Culture Japan Convention (CJC) 2013 comes to Penang this year, aiming to bring fans and celebrities of the Japanese pop culture industry closer together as a community over an exciting weekend of activities and showcases.

Following the concept of Culture Japan Night (CJN), a quarterly event hosted in various countries by blogger and TV presenter Danny Choo, CJC will attempt to break barriers between fans, celebrities, and retailers. Fans can look forward to a relaxed environment where they can interact freely with cosplayers, illustrators, retailers, card gamers, and guests from Japan and around the world.

Jointly organized by Penang Global Tourism and Culture Japan, CJC will take place on the 17th and 18th of August 2013 at Straits Quay Convention Centre in Penang, Malaysia.

for more info, please visit Danny Choo’s website.


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