25-28 Oct: Paper House


For the first time ever, penangpac is bringing you two Hokkien / Teochew comedy work by two different directors from Penang Wong Lay Chin & Mark Beau de Silva!

檳城表演藝術中心將於10月底呈現《香店》,一齣笑料連連的福建/潮州喜劇。此製作由藝人館兩位駐館導演聯手合作,Mark Beau以及黃麗珍將首次挑戰如何在運用同樣的劇名、舞台以及燈光的限制下,竭盡所能為觀眾帶來兩齣渾然不同的喜劇。

演出日期/时间 Date & Time:
25/10/2012 (Thu) 8.30pm
26/10/2012 (Fri) 8.30pm
27/10/2012 (Sat) 8.30pm
28/10/2012 (Sun) 3.00pm

演出地点 Venue:Stage 2, penangpac

票价 Ticket:RM33 / RM23 (Students, disabled & TAS Card Members)

購票熱線 Box Office:04-8991722/2722

線上購票 online ticketing:www.ilassotickets.com

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